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We Repair a great variety of Cellphones, Tablets & Computers.

Smartphone, Tablet, and Computer Repair Services at Eagle County (Vail, Eagle, Avon y Edwards)

Our technicians can do all gadget repairs. We are constantly training and updating our knowledge. We will look for the answers for you.

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Our Most Common Repair Services

Smartphone Screen Repair

We offer Smartphone Repair Service, and one of the most common repairs We do come in is the cellphone screen. We have the right parts ready for your cell phone. And sometimes even offer same-day cellphone repair service.

Laptop Screen Repair Service

If your laptop screen is broken or no longer displays images correctly, we can replace it with a new screen. Our expert technicians will remove the damaged laptop screen, install the new one, and do multiple tests to ensure everything is working as it should.

Tablet Screen Repair

We can fix broken screens for all kinds of tablets, part replacements, charge port repairs, and dock connector repairs. With our help, you can get back your tablet fix it at a reasonable price.

Smartphone Battery Repair

Do you have a phone that won't turn on? Or a battery that doesn't last the whole day? It could be that your battery life has come to an end. Make a book repair service for a quick and easy iPhone battery replacement. We have high-quality parts in stock.

Laptop Hinges Repair Service

The hinges allow you to open and close the laptop. Due to constant use of your computer or due to a fall, the hinges tend to get damaged, which causes you not to work correctly with your laptop. Remember, it is possible to repair your laptop's hinges, and our team of specialized technicians is ready to help you.

Laptop Fan Replacement

If your computer is acting up and running hotter than it should, or perhaps your system fans are running full speed all the time, Your computer's heatsink might be failing and need to fix it.

We Offer Mail-in Repair Service​

How Mail-in Repair Service Works ​​

Step 1

Ship your broken device to us with our free postage label.

Step 2

We confirm the options and cost with you and carry out the repairs.

Step 3

We return your device to you within 24 to 48 hours of your confirmation, good as new.

Take a Look at our Successful Repair Cases

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ipadpro105-broekn ipadpro105-replace

We Use Highest Quality Parts

Solutek Systems use original and premium Parts. We offer the best quality smartphone, computer, and tablet repair service in Eagle County (Vail, Eagle, Avon & Edwards).

We are passionate about giving you the highest quality repair with the best parts that we can find.

These days your device is used for almost everything from personal and business banking, video conferencing, face time, and social media. It would help if you had a phone that is in the best shape to keep up with your busy life. Please visit or contact us today and get an estimate for your smartphone, computer, or tablet repair.


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